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: Management Capabilities

Thorough quality control, process control, and safety control are key to supporting the manufacture of products with high added value.

Quality control

Correct inspection speed

1. Professional knowledge of inspecto
Inspection is conducted by qualified personnel. (2nd grade of welding coordination personnel and PT2 of non-destructive inspection personnel)
2. External inspection organization
Non-destructive inspections, including radiographic test (RT) and magnetic-particle test (MT), are conducted by external organizations.
Activities for deepening knowledge of inspection personnel
・ Seminars for acquiring knowledge on laws and ordinances
・raining on material tests
  • Quality control
  • Quality control

Process control

Careful planning and establishment of a flexible support system

1 Management of production plan
We manage a detailed assembly plan by accurately determining the arrival period for materials and the time required for assembly.
2 Delivery management
We manage deliveries by controlling the progress and delay of daily production while grasping the status of progress of assembly.
3 Corporate DNA that enables us to respond to orders with a short delivery time
In a corporate culture where the response to customer requirements for short delivery times is encouraged, our response capabilities are enhanced by a support system operated by multi-skilled workers.

Safety control

Careful planning and implementation

1 Formulation of safety and health policy

Safety and health activity plan posted in our workplace Safety and health activity plan posted in our workplace

We engage in various safety activities based on the annual safety and health activity plan.
Major activities
1. Proper control of machines and equipment
2. Mental health measures
3. Health management measures for employees
4. Enrichment of safety and health training
5. Improvement of hazardous work environments
2 Monthly meeting of the safety and health committee

Regular meetingRegular meeting

To prevent occupational accidents, the committee engages in identification and improvement of non-conforming matters through on-site patrols and exchange of opinions about improvements to safety and health items and the work environments. We also invite our industrial physician twice a year to give advice on health management topics selected on the basis of the season, such as prevention of colds and infectious diseases and food poisoning. Furthermore, we offer health consultation sessions for employees who are found to require detailed checkups in the internal annual health checkup.
3 Corporate DNA that enables us to respond to orders with a short delivery time

Checking clothes before patrolChecking clothes before patrol

We ensure safety and health in our work environments by discovering possible dangers and hazards. Our checks include whether protective clothes are appropriately worn by operators, whether protective equipment is appropriately installed, whether there is any problem with work actions, whether there is any danger in transport work, and whether the operators work in the correct posture.

: Networks

We undertake various activities to build a win-win relationship with customer companies so that both of us can grow further.

Network with customers

Since our foundation, we have created products in cooperation with customers over many years. Connection with our customers is our property. We will continue to strive to be a company that can continually develop with customers.

■ Examples of products realized through cooperation with customers

For Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Hitachi Zosen Corporation, produced Japan’s first expansion joints for B&W type diesel engines.

Diesel engine used in shipsDiesel engine used in ships

Succeeded in producing the expansion joint for gas turbine engines used in Rolls Royce’s naval vessels using nickel alloy steel for Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The product was the first of its kind domestically produced.

Gas turbine engine used in naval vesselsGas turbine engine used in naval vessels

: Customer-Response Capabilities

We sincerely respond to customer needs with actions and management as the two wheels.

Customer first

At Nippon Metal Hose, each of the divisions in charge of sales, design, production, and quality control values the seven NMH monozukuri principles, and always thinks about how they can satisfy customers through their work.

  • Sales (inquiry)
  • Design
  • Quotation (receipt of order)
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales/After-sales service

Immediate response leads to customer satisfaction

Upon receiving an order with a short delivery time, the responsible persons in each division consider their manufacturing capabilities and technical feasibility, and answer immediately.

IManagement using ISO

We operate under the ISO management system. The system is improved through regular management reviews.

ISO 9001 Quality Policy

As part of our business activities aiming at realizing our corporate philosophy and by practicing our code of behavior, we established an ISO management system in which we engage in manufacturing and sales activities based on the quality policy below.

  • 1. Always strive to improve the quality of production control to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • 2. Fully understand and comply with laws and regulations, agreements, and customer requirements related to manufacturing and sales of products.
  • 3. Set the annual quality targets and put them into practice.
  • 4. Review the quality management system on a regular basis for improvement in order to maintain its effectiveness and appropriateness.

Management using ISO