About This Website

: About This Website

This website (http://www.nmh.co.jp) (hereinafter referred to as “This Website”) is managed and operated by Nippon Metal Hose Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). In order to use This Website, please confirm the matters below. In the event that you use This Website, we will deem that you agreed to the matters below.

: About copyrights

Copyrights for content within This Website (such as information, materials, images, sound, and sentences) belong to the Company or the party that provided the content. Except for cases of personal use or use allowed under the Copyright Act, it is not possible to conduct actions such as duplication, diversion, alteration, public transmission, or sale without obtaining the Company’s permission in advance, irrespective of whether it is for profit or not for profit, and irrespective of the type of medium.

: About statements for links and URLs

In the event that a link to This Website will be set, please comply with the matters below.

  • ■ In principle, please use the top page (http://www.nmh.co.jp) as the URL that will be set as the link destination.
  • ■ In the event that a link to This Website will be set, please contact us at (info@nmh.co.jp).
  • ■ Please understand in advance that the Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for compensation or complaints related to the setting links.

We will strictly refuse links to homepages that fall under the clauses below.
In the event that an objection has arisen about whether or not a homepage falls under a clause below, the Company’s judgment will be used as the criteria.

  • ■ A homepage that includes content intended to libel or cause loss of credibility for the Company, another company (party), or another group
  • ■ A homepage that involves actions that infringe or that may infringe intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademark rights, assets, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of the Company, another company (party), or another group
  • ■ In addition to each of the clauses above, a homepage that violates a law, ordinance, or public order and morals, or a homepage that may hinder operation of This Website

: About websites that have set links to This Website

The Company does not make guarantees about the content or safety of the websites of other businesses or individuals for which links to This Website are set, and it has no intention of recommending the websites of businesses or individuals to which such links are made. When accessing the destinations of such links, please carefully check the content and use conditions of the websites to which the links are made and then view or use them.